Chrome-Etch Acid Stain System

Make slick finished interior concrete floors radiate with the look and feel of smooth marble.  Duplicate the rich, mottled color effects of saltillo tiles or the aged, worn look of real stones on cured concrete surfaces.  SCP's Chrome-Etch Acid Stain system gives architects, homeowners and contractors the versatility to mimix the natural beauty of real patinas, marble, stone and slate with minimal cost and difficulty.  Available in 12 standard colors with blues, greens, tans, gray and browns, Chrome-Etch Acid Stains produce rich color hues that enhance and highlight the finish, texture and even cracks on concrete surfaces.

The chemicals in Chrome-Etch Acid Stains react with minerals in concrete to start a chemical reaction that permanently alters the color of the surface of the concrete.  The color created by the Chrome-Etch Acid Stains will not fade, chip or peel from the surface and will wear only as the concrete wears.  When properly sealed and polished, Chrome-Etch Acid Stained floors provide lon lasting beauty with very little maintenance.


Chrome-Etch Acid Stains
Acid Sprayers
Chrome-seal 30% solids clear sealer

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